How to join the Association

Please download a pdf of the Membership Application Form, complete the details and then post it with a cheque made out to Nottinghamshire Local History Association in the sum of £10 (individuals) or £15 (organisations)  to:

David Anderson,
Membership Secretary and Treasurer
35 Sycamore Road, East Leake, Loughborough, LE12 6PP

We would strongly encourage you to agree to Gift Aid which is an income tax relief designed to benefit charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC). If you’re a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid increases the value of your charity donations by 25% because the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you. Please remember to complete and sign the Gift Aid section of the application form.

Please email the Membership Secretary if you have any questions or want to know the overseas membership rates.

The Committee of Nottinghamshire Local History Association currently stores members’ personal details in a computerised membership records database. The purpose of this is not only for the mailing of The Nottinghamshire Historian but to ensure better communication and in general to improve the level of service offered to members. If you do not wish your personal details to be stored electronically then please inform the Membership Secretary in writing and they will be removed and held in paper form. Please note that Members’ personal details will not be disclosed to any third-party without their written permission.

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