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Volume 2, Issue 2, October 2015


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NLHA  Autumn Dayschool

24th October 2015 


Our theme for this event was "An Archaeological Miscellany" and we began the day with a presentation by Emily Gillott and Lorraine Horsley from Community Archaeology at Nottinghamshire County Council on the Roman settlement at Segelocum. Although there is little to see at the site which is now the hamlet of Littleborough Emily and Lorraine used crop marks, pottery finds, funery evidence and  old maps to question how and why this large 'small Roman town' happened to be there and why it was probably the most important Roman Town in Nottinghamshire.

David Budge from Mercian Archaeology talked about the importance of 'finds' as archaeological evidence with particular reference to determining the date of an object through using fashion, technology and scientific research but warned strongly about relying on the dates on coins.

Rob Smith gave a short presentation on the research that lead to the re-publication of Doris Stirk's book 'The Southwell Settlers' which tells the story of how a settlement called Southwell was established in the East Cape region of South Africa by English settlers, some of whom came from Arnold. The book, which was published with the support of funding from NLHA, was on sale over the lunch break.

 After lunch LilyAnn Dawes gave an entertaining talk on dead bodies, or rather what evidence could be gleaned from the examination of bodies and bones using a not-very-dead member of the audience as a demonstration; and why mens' jeans don't fit when worn by women.

Matt Beresford from MB Archaeology rounded off the day with a talk on the archaeological work carried out at Southwell and at Elmton. Matt also provided a sample of  'Roman Southwell Gladiator' bottled beer for sale to aid the funding  of ongoing work at Southwell.

Those of you who attended the DaySchool will be aware that we had a bit of a medical incident at about 3:00 o'clock. The good news is that the gentleman involved is now feeling much better.


NLHA Events


4th Nottinghamshire Youth Heritage Conference

A FREE event for young people (and heritage professionals working with young people) at St Barnabas Cathedral Hall, North Circus Street, Nottingham NG1 5AE on Saturday 7th November 2015 from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Sessions on heritage, project stands, Digging up Rubbish, a mystery walk. Booking is essential at There will be some refreshments but bring your own packed lunch. …

Read more.

Angel Row History Forum

8th December 2015 at the Local Studies Library, Angel Row Nottingham between 10:00 and 12:00. Adrian Sissons will talk about the present restoration of Hucknall Parish Church and demonstrate a fascinating new way of exhibiting and telling the story of the church. Admission is FREE.

NLHA Spring Dayschool 2016 - Landscape History

19th March 2016  at Ravenshead Village Hall commencing at 9:30 until 4:00. Stephen Mastoris on The Welbeck Atlas, Steve Hollowed on Byways and Rights of Way, Stephen Walker on Moor Ponds Woods, Chris Brooke on Remote Sensing.


A Day in the Life - November

November 6th 2008 the Daily Mail (price 50p) in a 'historic souvenir issue' under the banner headline CHANGE HAS COME features the election of Barack Obama as US President.

November 15th 1973 the Daily Express (price 3p) reports on the marriage  of Mark Philips and Princess Anne.

November 19th 1983 the Evening Post (price 15p) highlights the final performance of Torvill and Dean at the Nottingham Ice Stadium.

November 22nd 1990 the Evening Post (price 25p) headline is MAGGIE QUITS! Mrs Thatcher sensationally resigns as Prime Minister.

November 30th 1954 The Daily Mirror (price 1 and a half old pence) celebrates the 80th birthday of Winston Churchill.


The Beechdale

Rachel Walker is the new manager for the Beechdale Pub  and is very interested in finding out about the history of the place. She has searched the internet for information but to no avail. She is hoping that by contacting us we may be able to help her. If anyone has any information please contact me at

Thoresby Colliery Exhibition at Edwinstowe Library 21st Sept 2015

Thoresby Colliery Exhibition - The End of an Era

On 21st September at Edwinstowe Library many former miners were reunited sharing memories with workmates (including 5 former managers). Former members of Thoresby Colliery Band The opening of Edwinstowe Historical Society’s exhibition celebrating 100 years of Thoresby Colliery was accompanied by former members of Thoresby Colliery Brass Band led by Stan Lippeatt. Photographic displays from sinking of the Colliery and …

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Stanford Church

Stanford on Soar Parish Church an investigation and a discovery - Keith and Mary Hodgkinson

The Parish Church of St John the Baptist stands amidst ancient pasture on the south-east corner of this small village. The site itself is quite distinctive, consisting of three large open fields with a few cows or horses, and only the 18th century farm buildings in view across the road. It is a haven of peace, an untouched corner of …

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Angel Row Historyfest 

In May 2012, Nottinghamshire Local History Association's Angel Row Forum began a revival of sorts with a history fair in Nottingham Central Library with the support of Nottingham Local Studies Library. Both NLHA and the Library were pioneering partners back in the 1980s when a series of regional history fairs were organised and led by Sheila Cooke, the then City Local Studies Librarian, and Kate Thompson, the then Leicestershire County Archivist. Dorothy Ritchie, who has just retired from Nottingham Local Studies Library after nearly fifty years, and I were involved in the first fairs and we thought it time for a revival of sorts. You can find a report of the 2012 Fair on this website on another page.

In 2013, the  History Fair was reprised by County Libraries in Mansfield Library and again in 2014 and 2015. There have also been two history fairs at Lakeside on Nottingham University's main campus, and a year ago, Dorothy and I decided we would like to organise one final history fair in Nottingham Central Library, which we decided to call a 'Historyfest', before handing over to others — hence the Angel Row Historyfest in Nottingham Central Library on Saturday 10 October 2015. Dorothy ended up retiring a few months ago and her colleague, Nicola Holmes, took over working with me and my NLHA colleague, Jenny Page, who, when the Historyfest ended, took over from me as NLHA's Angel Row History Forum Organiser.

Last year, on reaching 70, I decided no more committees and this year I resolved no more organising anything after the Historyfest. Central Library's Nicola and her colleague Kay have been fantastic to work with and really helped to make the 2015 Angel Row Historyfest a great day. There will be pics on the NLHA FaceBook page over the coming days and a full report in the next issue of The Nottinghamshire Historian.

Robert Howard



NLHA has set aside funding specifically to help members and member societies publish their research work in local history. Funds of up to £200 can be provided on the basis of a grant, not a loan, subject only to the condition that NLHA’s contribution must be fully acknowledged within the publication and wherever the publication is advertised. We would expect the applicant to provide a copy (or significant extract for larger publications) for consideration and we reserve the right to reject applications where the standard of the work, the content or the presentation would harm the reputation of NLHA. Publications must relate to the general theme of Nottinghamshire local history. 

IT'S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW edited by Richard Gaunt. Price  Now £3.50 from the Chairman Southwell and District Local History Society

BLIDWORTH AND THE FIRST WORLD WAR by John and Dale Smallwood. This book can be purchased directly from the authors at a cost of £10.00 or alternatively at £12.50 inc 1st class post and packaging. Please send your contact details by email to ""

A CITY OF LIGHT by Chris Richardson.
Available for £7.99 from:
5 Leaves Bookshop, 14a Long Row, Nottingham NG1 2DH
Nottingham Tourism Centre, 1-4 Smithy Row, Nottingham NG1 2GR
Waterstones, 1/5 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham NG1 2GR (or order from any branch)
The Bookcase, 50 Main Street, Lowdham, Notts Ng14 7BE
The Sparrows Nest,

JOHN BLEY OF EAST LEAKE AND LONDON by Keith Hodgkinson, Rachel Flynn and Ian Flynn.
Price £12.00 + £3 p and p (UK only) payable by cheque made out to 'East Leake and District Local History Society' and sent to: Mrs M.C. Hurst, 6 Poplar Avenue, East Leake, Loughborough, Leics. LE12 6QB.

NORWELL BUILDINGS (part of the series of Norwell Heritage Booklets).
Price £4. Available from Norwell Village Shop and The Heritage Group Secretary, Parr's Cottage, Main Street, Norwell, Newark NG23 6JN. Telephone 01636636365. Email

EVERYDAY LIFE IN EAST LEAKE - Book 3: Family Life and Schools - Book 4: Health Care, Services and Transport by Alan Hall. Alan has been living in East Leake for many years and these are his latest publications on the history of the village. The series of five books has a focus on the everyday life of ordinary people around the time of the First World War and after. Book 3 takes you into the houses where ordinary people lived  and describes their way of life in detail. It also details the early schools in the village and shows many early school photos. Book 4 explains how life was without modern drugs, how we managed without mains water, sewerage, gas or electricity, and what it was like without cars or buses. The final book will deal with the First World War and its aftermath - the impact of the war on the lives of those who fought and those who survived. Book 5, the last in the series, will be published at a later date. £11.00p p&p £16.20p inc.p&p to Europe £21.60p inc p&p to rest of world. Payment to be made to East Leake & District Local History Society by Cheque or postal order for uk purchases. Payment by Paypal is preferred for Purchases from abroad. More information from Mrs M.C. Hurst, 6 Poplar Avenue, East Leake, Loughborough, Leics. LE12 6QB

EDWINSTOWE 1890-1900s by Margaret Woodhead. This is the third volume of the history of Edwinstowe by the author of The People of Edwinstowe - The Dead End of the Village and The Coming of Coal. This generously illustrated volume covers a decade of rapid change which saw the coming of the L.D.. & E.C. Railway and the opening of the ambitious Dukeries Hotel built by Mansfield Breweries to cater for the large numbers of day trippers from nearby cities visiting the Major Oak or touring the Dukeries Estates. At the same time as Earl Manvers opened a pioneering Co-Operative store for the village women were agitating for the vote in the newly established Parish Council elections and all the plaster was stripped from the walls of St. Mary's Church.

Octogenarian local historian Margaret Woodhead presents a fascinating miscellany, drawing on newspaper reports, letters and documents from local archives and photographs from the Society's collection.The 44 page book is available from Edwinstowe Historical Society for £4.00 plus £1.50 package and postage. Cheques made payable to Edwinstowe Historical Society should be sent to E Stewart-Smith, 3 St Mary' s Drive, Edwinstowe, Mansfield, NG21 9LY

SOUTH WELL SETTLERS by Doris Stirk with a forward by Rob Smith. Price £6.50. Copies are available direct from Southwell and District Local History Society and  will be on sale at the Minster Shop. If you are finding it difficult to obtain a copy of a book please contact:


Local Society Events for November 2015 

Society programmes or event information should be sent to me at for inclusion in the webpage events calendar and in this newsletter. We will publish events for individual local historians, groups, organisations or societies whether they are NLHA members or not as long as they are about Nottinghamshire local history.


Nottinghamshire and the Robin Hood Legend, Pentagon LHS

Presented by David Crook at Elston Village Hall on 28th October 2015 commencing at 7:30pm. Members £1.50, non-members £2.00.

Read more.

The 1984-85 Miners Strike in Nottingham: A Re-appraisal, Wollaton H&CS

Presented by David Amos at Wollaton St Leonard’s Community Centre on 28th October 2015 commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.


Southwell's Darkest Hour, Southwell and District LHS

Presented by Mike Kirton on 28th October 2015 at The Old Court House, The Burgage, Southwell commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.

Martinmas Fair 2015

Martinmas Fair, Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum

Martinmas Fair will take place on the 31st October 2015 from 10.00 onwards at Priory Park and Priory Church, Lenton. There will be archaeological tours, graveyard tours, local history displays, re-enactment , Medieval music, hawking, children’s activities as well as a market in this second recreation of Lenton Priory’s Mediveal Fair at Martinmas. The Martinmas fair was originally run for …

Read more.

Friends of Moor Pond Woods

Local History morning and milestone celebration, Friends of Moor Pond Woods

Friends of Moor Pond Woods invite you to discuss their current local history project at The Bradbury Suite, Papplewick Village Hall on Saturday 31st October 2015 from 10:00 until 12:30. Find out about what they have carried out so far. Tour of the work (if fine) Refreshments available. All welcome. For more information contact Stephen Walker

Read more.


You make us so proud, Friends of Nottinghamshire Archives

Presented by Janet Brown on Saturday 31st October 2015 at the new ground floor meeting room at Nottinghamshire Archives commencing at 11:00am. Cost is £5 and includes refreshments. Email bookings to or telephone 0115 9149421 (evenings except Monday or Tuesday). “You make us so proud” is a project celebrating the contribution and achievements of African and Caribbean people, mainly in Nottinghamshire. …

Read more.

Going Global, Lakeside Arts

On Monday 2nd November 2015 Dr Andrew Souter talks about his work selecting images for the exhibition GOING GLOBAL currently on display at the Weston Gallery, Lakeside. This is a FREE talk and will take place at 1-2pm in the Djanogly Theatre, Nottingham Lakeside Arts, University Park, The University of Nottingham. Book a ticket by calling 0115 846 7777

Read more.

The People's War: WW2 in Nottinghamshire, East Bridgford LHG

Presented by Chris Weir on 3rd November 2015 at East Bridgford Methodist Church commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.

U-o-N Museum logo

The Anglo-Saxon Medicine Cabinet: Ancientbiotics & Modern Microbiology, University of Nottingham Museum

Dr. Christina Lee, Associate Professor in Viking Studies, School of English and Dr. Freya Harrison, School of Life Sciences, Centre for Biomolecular Sciences look at medieval remedies to approach a very modern problem on Wednesday 4th November 2015 at 1:00pm in the Djanogly Theatre, University of Nottingham. Please book your place in advance at the Box Office on 0115 846777. …

Read more.

The History of Station 51 RAF Winthorpe, Ruddington HS

Presented by Howard Heeley on Wednesday 4th November 2015 at St Peters Rooms, Ruddington commencing at 8:00pm.

Read more.

Go to Keyworth and District Local History Society

John Bley, Keyworth & District LHS

Presented by Keith Hodgkinson on Friday 6th November 2015 at Keyworth Centenary Lounge commencing at 7:30. Keith will talk about John Bley of East Leake and London. Citizen, Distiller and Benefactor.

Read more.


Discovering Forest Fields, West Bridgford & District LHS

Presented by Chris Weir at West Bridgford Lutterell Hall on Friday 6th November 2015 commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.


Archives Tour, Nottinghamshire Archives

On Friday 6th November 2015 at 2:30pm at Nottinghamshire Archives see behind the scenes, visit the strong room and conservation unit, explore the stories of the archives. Booking is essential. Phone 0115 958 1634. Cost £4

Read more.


The Discovery of the Dovedale Hoard of Corieltauvi and Roman Coins, Numismatic Society

Presented by Rachael Hall of The National Trust on Tuesday 10th November 2015 at University of Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre commencing at 7:00pm

Read more.


Lord Byron, Burton Joyce & Bulcote LHS

Presented by Val Henstock on Tuesday 10th November 2015 at Burton Joyce Carnarvon Room commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.


Death at the Archives I, Nottinghamshire Archives

Stories of murder and dastardly deeds at Nottinghamshire Archives on Tuesday 10th November 2015 commencing at 2:30pm. Booking is essential. Phone 0115 958 1634. Price £4 (book Death at the Archives I and II together for £7)

Read more.

Men of Farnsfield who fought in the wars, Farnsfield LHS

A presentation by Trevor Wilds of the research done by The British Legion on the men of Farnsfield who fought in the wars will take place at Farnsfield Village Centre on Wednesday 11th November 2015 commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.

Adverts you have known and loved, Stapleford & District LHS

Presented by Maureen Ruston at Stapleford Maycliffe Hall on Wednesday 11th November 2015 commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.

The History of the Majestic Theatre; Retford and District H & A S

Presented by Harry Foxley at Retford Chapelgate Hall on Wednesday 11th November 2015 commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.


Local History Seminar, University of Nottingham

On 14 November 2015 at Lenton Grove on the University of Nottingham’s University Park campus commencing at 10:00am Sir Neil Cossons will present Past Futures Or Heritage Futures Or A Future For The Past. Sir Neil Cossons, former Chairman of English Heritage, will be surveying the options for museums and discussing how we care for historic places with seminar members. …

Read more.

Notable Men and Women with Nottingham Connections, Friends of Nottingham Museums

Presented by Barbara Bradley on Saturday 14th November 2015 at Nottingham Castle Studio 1 commencing at 2:00pm. There is a regular programme of talks, visits to galleries and historic sites and all members receive a quarterly newsletter. Non-members are welcome at an extra charge of £2 (normal entry to The Castle applies). For further information telephone 0115 9221734.

Read more.


The John Player & Sons Marketing Archive, The Thoroton Society

On Saturday 14th November 2015 at the Nottingham Mechanics, 3 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham NG1 4EZ commencing at 2:30 pm the Nottinghamshire History Lecture will be presented by Daniel O'Neill of The  University of Nottingham.

Read more.


Death at the Archives II, Nottinghamshire Archives

A different selection of murderous and spooky tales at Nottinghamshire Archives on Tuesday 17th November 2015 commencing at 2:30pm. Booking is essential. Phone 0115 958 1634. Cost £4. (Book Death at the Archives I and II together for £7)

Read more.

Disasters on the East Coast Main Line, North Muskham LHG

Presented by Adrian Gray on Monday 16th November 2015 at North Muskham Village Hall commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.


1915, Arnold LHG

Presented by Andy McKinnon at Arnold Labour Club on Tuesday 17th November 2015 commencing at 7:00pm.

Read more.

History of Gypsum: Its Mining and Uses, East Leake & District LHA

Presented by Noel Worley on Wednesday 18th November 2015 at East Leake St. Mary's Church Hall commencing at 2:00pm.  

Read more.

Beeston and District

Once upon a pantomime, Beeston & District LHS

Presented by Trevor Lee on Wednesday 18th November 2015 at Chilwell Memorial Institute commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.

Campion: Stocking frames to bicycle frames, Nottinghamshire FHS

Presented by Brian Bins at Nottingham Mechanics Institute on Wednesday 18th November 2015 commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.

Thoresby Colliery and the Nottinghamshire Coalfield, Edwinstowe HS

Presented by Bob Bradley on Wednesday 18th November 2015 at St Mary's Church Rooms, Edwinstowe commencing at 7:30pm

Read more.

AGM and Bygone Medicine: Kill or Cure, Bingham & District LHS

Presented by Chris Weir on Thursday 19th November 2015 at Bingham Old Courthouse commencing at 7:15pm.

Read more.

The History of Winthorpe Airfield, Coddington HG

Presented by Howard Heeley on Thursday 19th November 2015 at Coddington Village Hall commencing at 7:30pm. Everyone welcome, members free, non-members £2

Read more.

A Look Back at Calverton, Woodborough LHG

Presented by Malcolm Hankin at The Institute, Woodborough on Thursday 19th November 2015 commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.

Go to Keyworth and District Local History Society

Faces & Places, Keyworth Conservation Area Census

Conservation Area Advisory Group and Keyworth and District Local History Society will be displaying maps and photographs of earlier residents of Keyworth between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 21st November 2015 in the Centenary Lounge and would welcome other documentation or artefacts to record for the Conservation Area Census.

Read more.

Kindly leave the stage, Lambley HS

Presented by David Darby on Monday 23rd November 2015 at Lowdham Women's Institute commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.


Archives Tour, Nottinghamshire Archives

On Thursday 24th November 2015 at 6:00pm at Nottinghamshire Archives see behind the scenes, visit the strong room and conservation room, see documents and explore the stories of the archives. Booking essential. Phone 0115 958 1634. Cost £5

Read more.


Healer or Charletan: The Life of John Darrell, Nottinghamshire Archives

A talk on Wednesday 25th November 2015 at Nottinghamshire Archives commencing at 2:30pm on the life of the exorcist John Darrell, born about 1632 near Mansfield.  Booking is essential. Phone 0115 958 1634. Cost £4.

Read more.

The 1914 Christmas Truce: Tree and Football, Pentagon LHS

Presented by Francis Towndrow on Wednesday 25th November 2015 at Elston Village Hall commencing at 7:30pm. Members £1.50, non-members £2.00.

Read more.

The Amazing Octavia Hill, Wollaton H&CS

Presented by Claire Lyons on Wednesday 25th November 2015 at Wollaton St Leonards Community Centre commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.


Political Cartoons, Southwell and District LHS

Presented by Richard Gaunt on 25th November at The Old Court House, The Burgage, Southwell commencing at 7:30pm.

Read more.

Butterley Heritage Day Poster[2]

Butterley Company Heritage Day, Mine2Minds Education

Organised by Mine2Minds Education and Ripley Heritage Trust on 28th November 2015 at the Midland Railway Centre Car Park for a 2pm start. There will be a viewing of the Butterly Company site followed by a talk, a presentation of archive footage and food. Cost is £7.50 Advance booking is advised. For more details phone 01773-760030 mobile 07914-373745 e-mail …

Read more.


Go and See

A HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM at The Weston Gallery, University of Nottingham. Friday 18th September 2015 to Sunday 3rd January 2016. FREE admission. For more information go to

THE BIG DRAW: FUTURE FIELDS at Nottinghamshire Archives until 20th November. More than 10000 people took part in the Future Fields Big Draw challenge which was inspired by the theme of poppy meadows and the WWI commemorations. This FREE exhibition showcases a sample of the 'curtain of poppies' produced as part of the challenge.


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