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  • Adrian Gray
  • Ruth Imeson
  • Sarah Seaton
  • Bob Massey
  • James Wright
  • Jenny Sissons
  • Judith Mills
  • David Anderson
  • Chris Weir
  • Jeremy Lodge

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11 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Paul Lucas

    Hi There. I am holding a Mundella Grammar School reunion in August 2015 at the Trent Bridge Inn 1400-1800 and beyond. For us ancients who first graced its Collygate Road portals 50 years ago. As part of the afternoon, I wanted to have a short walk round the old sites (memory lane stuff) and it would be wonderful if a member of the Historical society could please perhaps show us some of the interesting Meadows heritage / history as part of the stroll, which needs to be about 30-45 minutes max. Is this possible please? Thanks in advance for your kind help. Paul Lucas T: 01538 754125; M:07773967530 E:

  2. NH

    I live in Stapleford, looking at old maps there are no roads here; but when I dig my garden all over, down about a foot, I get a “floor”. Flat stones, clay, more flat stones. Wondering if a roman road, as adjacent ditch. Had anything be found for A52 construction, as reckon maybe crossing at Sandiacre Stapleford, Beeston railway had roman coins. Pattern looks like many river crossings, protected by fort on each land area – maybe to attack as armies cross rivers?

  3. Philip Lee


    I wonder if Sarah Seaton is still connected to your organisation. My brother and myself have just discovered that we are her uncles – and sons of Malcolm Lee – and are keen to make contact.

  4. Howard Chesworth

    I have a pair of scissors made by the Nottingham Handcraft Company. Any information on this company would be of interest.

    1. John Parker Post author

      My understanding is that in 1947 Nottingham Leather Company and Nottingham Handcraft Company Ltd were formed to produce leather items for war veterans to aid their rehabilitation and after 20 years or so of trading the company was renamed Nottingham Rehab Supplies after a merger between Nottingham Handcraft and Nottingham Medical Aids – it is currently called NRS Healthcare and you can find more details at and

  5. Morris Robert

    My mother for Nottingham Handcraft from 1966. They had premises in Ludlow Hill Road, West Bridgford, and went through various name changes as the business developed including “Nottingham Educational Supplies” and “Nottingham Group”

  6. April Lambourne

    Can you please let me know how I can purchase a copy of the Nottingham Historian Autumn/Winter issue 2008?
    I am after an article by Alan Mallatratt on Fred Whiten 1868-1950 and would be happy to pay for a copy of that as an alternative.
    Kind regards
    April Lambourne, Maidstone, Kent

    1. John Parker

      Hello April,
      thank you for your enquiry about Fred Whiten, I will send you a PDF of the article asap.


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