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The Inclosure Walk

The Friends of the Forest are dedicated to looking after the Forest Recreation Ground – one of the old Town Commons – and early on we found that the Forest was one portion of the land that Nottingham Corporation had kept, in the redistribution by the Nottingham Inclosure Act of 1845, as Allotted Recreation Ground, 130 acres in all.   This far-sighted action was unique in the whole kingdom where other places were lucky to get one or two acres and most, none at all.

The Town Council of that time, with the Inclosure Commissioners, devised an almost continuous walk round what is today the inner core of the city and which was then the outside of the very restricted town.   Consisting of tree-lined walks with interspersed parks this was not difficult for us to redesign 20 years ago.

We have led a walk through what we named “The Inclosure Walk” every summer since, with talks at intervals on the historical aspects of each spot.   We are now in the process of having signs made and erected for all the significant points on the circuit.   This is to make it into a Town Trail that can easily be followed in either direction by anyone looking for it or stumbling across it.

We expect to have an official opening at 1pm on Sunday 28th June 2020 followed by the five-mile walk, with the usual stops on the way round.   It begins near Wilford Bridge by the Trent and finishes on the Forest by the Inclosure Oak that was planted to mark the Act.    Each walk has been started by a person of significance and we hope that they can all return to take part in the permanent fixing of the trail.  It will be opened by Kate Ashbrook of the Open Spaces Society.   The start can be very conveniently reached from the city centre by the Clifton tram, and at the end, on the Forest, the tram can again take walkers back to the centre.

The Nottingham Open Spaces Forum, a charitable body, is looking after the funds for this, and the video made this year of the Walk can be seen on its website, with an opportunity to donate, if individuals or groups wish to,    We hope to keep a fund for the repair and upkeep of the trail, as this is where such projects may founder after a few years, so we ask for donations with this in mind.  We would love to see you at the opening or coming as a group visit after the opening to follow the trail as a society outing.   If anyone feels like making a donation then that would be very welcome too. A cheque, payable to Nottingham Open Spaces Forum, can be sent to: Martin Willis, 4, Branston Walk, Nottingham, NG5 3ET.   Or you can contribute by the link below with the video.   

The access for the video is:

Contact: June Perry, 30 Thorncliffe Road, Nottingham NG3 5BQ

Telephone 0115 960 9221


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