Jenny Sissons (Page) 1946 -2021

An Obituary for our Friend and Colleague who died on 8th March 2021

Jenny was born in Papplewick in November 1946 and attended the County High School in Arnold. In 1967 she married Michael Page and moved to Grimsby where Michael was a serving Police Officer. After the break-up of her marriage in 1997 she returned to Nottingham and settled in Brinsley where she met the love of her life, Susan, at an action group meeting in 1997. Jenny worked for The Inland Revenue for 23 years and travelled extensively for her work before retiring early due to ill health. 

Jenny was very active in her local community. As Chair of Brinsley village action group she led campaigns against building on greenbelt land and worked to protect heritage, wildlife, flora and fauna. She was also a parish councillor for Brinsley and in 2019 she stood as an Independent candidate in the Broxtowe borough local elections. In later years as a member of a writing group she became a published author for her memoirs and poetry, and she was very active in the LGBT movement. She came out in 2014.

Jenny was a former student of the University of Nottingham where she gained a Masters degree in Local and Regional History. She taught family history to community groups and gave local history talks.  She was an expert on Grimsby fishermen and the village of Papplewick, and she also undertook research into Nottinghamshire’s mediaeval monastic sites for which she received a grant from The Thoroton Society’s Geoffrey Bond scheme.  

Jenny had a deep-rooted love of local history and was a founder member and committee member of The Friends of Nottinghamshire Archives, as well as being a long-standing member, active supporter and trustee of Nottinghamshire Local History Association [NLHA].

She was concerned that we should all try to create opportunities for young people to get involved in local history through clubs, societies and education. Jenny liaised with The Samworth Academy in Mansfield to organise various events, one of which was an NLHA Local History Day School where she gave a talk on family history and other colleagues presented sessions on apprenticeships, oral history and archaeology. Her organisation and enthusiasm were key to a day that was a great success. Jenny was also a wonderful supporter of the NLHA Youth Heritage Conferences.

Colleagues recall meeting Jenny in 2005 at a landscape archaeology training week at Laxton Castle where she took pity on poor frozen students and allowed them to warm up in her campervan where she provided endless hot drinks. She was so enthusiastic about being on the course and helped to keep up everyone’s spirits despite the long days and foul weather. She had a superb sense of humour and was always such a kind soul. Latterly ill health had made it difficult for Jenny to pursue her interest in history, but local history was always close to her heart.

Jenny was a larger-than-life character who was passionate about promoting local history.  She was very supportive of local groups and people where she encouraged them to achieve better things.  She was a great problem solver, very forthright and open, and very caring to her friends and family.  She was a walking encyclopaedia and knowledgeable about everything in life. Jenny had a great sense of humour, was passionate, determined, analytical, generous and demonstrative. She will be greatly missed.

4 thoughts on “Jenny Sissons (Page) 1946 -2021

  1. Sarah

    Jenny was an amazing lady with a big heart. She always encouraged people to be the best version of themselves and helped to open doors for many people. She had an intelligent and analytical mind that she always used for the benefit of others. She will be greatly missed by many people.

  2. Sonia

    Jenny helped me on many occasions, sometimes late at night, when I was a novice at computers doing University essay. RIP Jenny.

  3. Tony Delahunty

    So sorry Jenny has passed on.
    I remember how she encouraged me when I was going through a difficult time in my Masters. I almost gave up but her inspiration kept me going.
    Only last week I was driving passed the Workhouse in Upton. Jenny came to mind as fourteen years ago I bumped into her when we were both researching for a module..
    And most ironically of all, yesterday I was talking to a Police officer from Humberside about Jenny’s story of the ‘Weekend Millionaires’ the young fishermen who spent their share of the catch by living it up in London. It was a captivating story of a bygone age!
    Jenny was an incredible lady. May her god bless her.

  4. Lily Ann Dawes

    I was privileged to work with Jenny on the Samworth Local History Day , a year or so before I retired from the school.
    She was always professional, but kind and had that mischievous twinkle in her eye – especially when ‘winding up’ the Head teacher at the time !
    I will remember her fondly for the laughter we shared, and I’m sure her family will miss her badly.
    Fly high Jenny, much love and laughter be with you.


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