HODs “Edible England” Festival: Heritage Open Days 10/9/2021 –19/9/2021
Displays in both historic barns, open together for the first time
registered independently,
GMB registered by SMB for CAAG, HFB registered by Graham Tinsley.
Open to the public
2 – 5 pm Saturday 11th September 2021 and
2 – 5 pm Saturday 11th September 2021
HOME FARM BARN: Display of barn restoration by Graham & Pippa Tinsley; Agricultural Development;
GEORGE MARTYN’S BARN: The Mediaeval Year; Food and Medicine in the 17th century; Mills and Milling; bookstall

The theme of “Edible England” caught our collective imaginations and we presented aspects of 17th century food, medicine and their production in both threshing barns, with examples of bread, pottage, gruel, herbs and spices in George Martyn’s Barn. The event was well attended and visitors were welcomed by CAAG members in 17th century dress. About 120 visitors attended.
We hoped to explain the processes of food production from ‘field to plate’ in the context of the historical time in which George Martyn’s Barn was built (1651), during the unstable political times of the Interregnum, during the Civil Wars. Contributors included Andy Staples: “The Mediaeval Year”; Anne Rhodes (Newcastle’s Foote Sealed Knot Society member): “17th century Medicine” – supporting displays added information for a modern audience.
Displays about agricultural development from the mediaeval period, the impact of the later Enclosures (here in 1799) and the local effects to the industrial revolution were touched upon.
“George Martyn’s Barn – A History” available with KDLHS bookstall.

CAAG were pleased to receive 30 copies of “From Quern to Computer” from the Mills Archive as free “giveaways” for our HODs event, which supported the Milling displays which included “Keyworth Windmill” – Leigh White has previously donated a copy of his booklet proposed a reconstruction of Keyworth windmill to the Village Archive; the detailed drawings he has created have been uploaded to Mills Archive record. Leigh attended the event on Saturday 18th September and subsequently kindly donated his display materials to the Archive. The rolling screen of village archive images was also available throughout the opening times.

Cards featuring George Martyn’s Barn and several KDLHS publications were available, including:
“Keyworth the First Millennium 900- 1900” (1998) Rosalind Hammond
“Plants that changed History” (2001); David Charles
“The Natural History of Keyworth” (2017); David Charles
“Farm Animals of the East Midlands”( 2018) David Charles
“Traditional Foods of the East Midlands” (2019) David Charles;
“Farms, Farming and Conservation in Keyworth 1800 – 2020” (2020) Margaret Wright;
“George Martyn’s Barn – A History” (2021) SMB
or email:
KDLHS and CAAG publications are available when open to the public.

A Publications List is available on request. Please contact
Sue McCabe or Dave Clarke 0115 937 7341.
Copies are also available from
The Bookcase 50 Main St, Lowdham, Notts NG14 7BE
tel:0115 966 4143; email orders to
Open Mon to Fri 10am – 5pm, Sat 10am – 1pm

The Conservation Area Advisory Group (CAAG) are looking forward to opening GEORGE MARTYN’S BARN (one of our Grade II Listed Buildings) more frequently to the public in the future, as the restrictions are removed. For further information, look out for items in Keyworth News or email the CAAG secretary, Sheila Barton: if you wish to be added to our email circulation list.

CAAG September 2021

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