Peter Hammond

Peter Hammond is a qualified archaeologist and an experienced local and family historian. He gives a wide range of talks, some use old-fashioned slides, some are digital presentations, and some focus on artefacts. Normally only available in evenings unless around school holidays. Guided walks and school workshops also available.

Contact details: Tel 0115 9145520 (answer phone available)

Talks (more details on each on request and on website. Others also available not listed below)

  • Middens and Muck
  • So You think You Know Nottingham (Parts 1,2 and 3)
  • Edward Carver: A Journey into Local and Family History
  • On the Buses
  • Potions, Lotions and Cure-alls
  • Murder, Mystery, and Misfortune
  • Robert Blincoe: Nottinghamshire’s Oliver Twist
  • Destitution and Despair (Claypole Workhouse)
  • Well, Well, Well: The story of Nottingham’s Caves and Wells
  • The archaeology of clay tobacco pipes
  • Mudlarking in the River Thames
  • Webb of Intrigue: The story of the Webb Family of Newstead Abbey
  • Albert Ball: Nottingham’s First World War Ace Pilot
  • The Luddites: Nottingham’s Response
  • Can you name the object?
  • A Load of Codd’s Wallop: The history of the Glass Bottle
  • Belvoir Angels: A Grave Story
  • Joseph Woolley: The Diary of a Framework Knitter
  • A Servant’s Lot
  • Portraits of the Past: Nottinghamshire’s Victorian Studio Photographers
  • The Origins of Everyday Sayings
  • Victorian shopping in Nottingham
  • William Booth’s early years in Nottingham
  • A historical tour of Whitby
  • A historical tour of Llandudno

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