Sam Millard

Sam does talks to history groups and and is looking to raise awareness of these talks to a wider audience.

He currently has two subjects:

A History Mystery

A History Mystery. Stories from history but what is the one thing that links them all together? In this talk Sam presents a number of short stories that have a common theme but that common theme isn’t obvious. The audience have to play detective to see, after the revelation of clues, if they can guess the link.

The Rufford Park Poachers

In this Sam recounts the true story of the violent confrontation between poachers and gamekeepers in Rufford Park back in 1851. The story was later recorded from the singing of Joseph Taylor. The song is still performed by folk artists to this day. The presentation examines the reasons for the confrontation and separates legend from actuality, going on to look at who was involved and what happened next. It highlights the social history of early Victorian times and reveals the impact of the Enclosures Acts and the Game Law of 1830.

Sam has given both talks to over thirty audiences throughout Nottinghamshire and beyond. Last year the story was presented to venues in Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire. The story has featured on Notts TV and Radio Nottingham as well as being featured in the East Midlands History and Heritage magazine.

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