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  1. Jennifer Handfield

    hello just noticed a couple of typo’s my surname is Handfield and the email address is markhandfield161@btinternet.com thankyou. I have just been checking out the diary of events and found it easy to use regards Jennifer Handfield secretary Bingham local history society

  2. Howard Fisher

    Keyworth & District Local History Association publishes a quarterly newsletter, The News Letter, which was awarded the Local History Society Newsletter of the Year award at a ceremony held at the British Association for Local History AGM 2014.

  3. James Bromwich

    I am interested in contacting anyone who has information about Civil Defence in Nottingham during the Second World War particularly if they know anything about the CD ambulance service (Casualty Services) at the time as my father Frederick Stephen Bromwich belonged to this branch during the War. I have a photograph of him in his uniform with what looks like an officer’s cap and another group picture of ‘Squad 2’ (men) and of a football team of Squad 2 including him in ordinary clothes. I have looked at Nottmshire archives but all their material deals with council decisions and lacks details on either names or activities. Can anyone help with possible sources?

    James Bromwich

    I live in London but have been coming up to Nottingham to research family background (both my parents lived in Nottingham) and to see Nottingham Forest periodically. I expect to come again to look further into my parents activities in the Coop theatre group(s) peoples theatre etc, but would really like to sort out his wartime activities

  4. Valerie bruggemans

    Hello, I wonder if you could help me please as I’m very interested in finding out if there is a history society in or near Mansfield, also archaeological digs. As I live in New Zealand and traveling to England ( Mansfield) in August staying till Oct 2016 ,I would dearly love to find out more about the local history and surroundings.

    Thanking you in anticipation Valerie Bruggemans

  5. Judith Luscombe

    Dear Bulwell Family History Society, I am researching my family and I am looking how to find out the dates of when my forbearer owned or operated the Scots Grey Inn in the 1800’s. Can anyone help me please. His son, also named Charles Smith, immigrated to Australia in 1862 and I would like to know more about his parents who owned or operated this establishment, he is my 4th Great Grandfather. Very much appreciated. Judith Smith/Luscombe

  6. Mark Hill

    I am interested in information and photographs of Nottingham residents Cäcilie Hildesheim (1836-1921) and Sigismund Hamel (1824-1897), and of their family and descendants. Both were German born. Sigismund was a lace manufacturer. I am preparing biographical summaries of this family. Their children were:
    -Malvina Hamel (1857-1905), married Frederick William Rothera, solicitor and coroner (1851-1926).
    -Elisa Hamel (1859-1932), married William Froggatt Clark, timber merchant (1857-
    -Theresa Hamel (1860-1939), married Herbert Rothera, lace manufacturer and stock broker (1857-1926).
    -Caroline (Carrie) Hamel (1862-1918), Married Heinrich Hamburger (later Hamber) (1845-1912(
    -Alice Hamel (1867-1940), secretary, unmarried.
    -Florence (Frank) Hamel (1870-1957), publisher, Unmarried.
    Many of their descendants, surnamed Rothera, remained in Nottingham.

    I would be happy to share information. Perhaps the Society would assist us in making contact.


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