Speakers for Local History Societies

Colin Moss - Contact details for Colin Moss are – email: cmossle@tiscali.co.uk or info@nottinghamindustrialmuseum.co.uk – telephone: Talks include: – A History of the East Midlands Knitting Industry The talk describes the history of the knitting industry from earliest times up to the present day. It shows how the English East Midlands played a pivotal role in that industry […]
Sam Millard - Contact details for Sam Millard are – email: sammillard123@btinternet.com – telephone: 01777870518 Talks include: – A History Mystery – The Rufford Park Poachers Sam also does a walking tour of Newark
Stephen Walker - Contact details for Stephen Walker are – email: stephenj_walker@btinternet.com – telephone: 0115 963 0808 Talks include: – The archaeology project at Moor Pond Woods, Papplewick – A thread in the web of time’ ; Evidence for the operation of 18th century cotton mills in the Leen Valley of Nottinghamshire – ‘A London Boy at Mr […]
Helen Bates - Contact details for Helen Bates are email: helenlouisebates@aol.co.uk Mobile: 0785 4466183 Talks include: The Wildman family of Newstead Abbey The links between the Nottinghamshire textile industries and the Derwent Valley Mills The impact of the 1745 Jacobite Uprising on the East Midlands Nottinghamshire’s Legacies of Slavery Plus many more Helen has worked as a practitioner […]
Rowena Edlin-White - Contact details for Rowena Edlin-White telephone: 0115 9873135 email: ro@edlin-white.net Talks include: “No Surrender!” Women’s suffrage in Nottinghamshire Talks based on her recent book “Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers” Rowena specialises in women’s history.
Ruth Imeson da Silva - Contact details for Ruth Imeson da Silva email: ruth@letstalkhistory.co.uk website: www.letstalkhistory.co.uk Talks include: “Tired of living to kill.” An alternative view of the life of WWI flying ace, Captain Albert Ball. “It is for these haunts of peace that men go into the jaws of hell.” This talk focuses on the life, poems and death of Sergeant […]
Mike Higginbottom - Contact details for Mike Higginbottom are email: mike@mikehigginbottominterestingtimes.co.uk Mobile: 07946-650672 Telephone: 0114-242-0951 Talks include: English country houses:  not quite what they seem – includes Welbeck Abbey Victorian Cemeteries – includes Church Cemetery, Nottingham Temples of Sanitation – includes Bestwood and Papplewick Pumping Stations All the World’s a Stage:  the development of theatre buildings – includes the Old Malt […]
Steve Wright - Contact details for Steve Wright are -email steve1001@virginmedia.com -telephone: 0115 9313592 Talks include – -The Rise & Fall of Colwick Locomotive Depot -Looking at Nottinghamshire Churches -Mining Memories -A Tour of Gedling, Carlton & Netherfield -Garden talks -European tours.
Trent & Peak Archaeology - Trent & Peak Archaeology’s archaeologists are popular speakers with significant experience of working with community groups. All of our talks are based on our own archaeological fieldwork and research and many involve handling finds from the excavations. Our talks are very up-to-date, as we continue to add new titles, and to update old favourites, as […]
David Templeman - Contact details for David Templeman are – email: templeman3@tiscali.co.uk – telephone: 01246 415497 David specialises in the study of Elizabethan history with local connotations. MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS-THE CAPTIVE QUEEN IN ENGLAND 1568-84 This is a totally new updated talk to reflect the finding and research over 12 years which went into my book of […]
Michael Kirkby - Contact details for Michael Kirkby are – email mpkirkby@hotmail.co.uk – telephone:07454 015966 Talks include: – The 45th during the Napoleonic War – (1 hour) Follow the 1st Nottinghamshire Regiment in the campaigns against Napoleonic France. – The 59th during the Napoleonic War – (1 hour) Follow the 1st Nottinghamshire Regiment in the campaigns against Napoleonic France. – […]
Edward Hammond - Contact details for Edward Hammond are – email edwardhammond@live.co.uk – telephone: 07852957022. Talks include – Hannibal Barca: Rome’s Greatest Adversary – The Napoleonic Wars at Home? – Napoleon’s British Obsession: The Invasion of the ‘Nation of Shopkeepers – In the Service of the Emperor: The Life and Experiences of a Napoleonic Soldier
Danny Wells - Contact details for Danny Wells are – email: danny.wells@history-talks.co.uk – telephone: 01335 350536 – website: www.history-talks.co.uk. Talks include: – Art of the Garden – The English and Gardening – Joseph Paxton – Art of the Christmas Card – The Victorians and the Christmas Season
Peter Hammond - Contact details for Peter Hammond are- email: historyworkshops@aol.com – telephone: 0115 9145520 – website: www.handsonourhistory.co.uk Talks include – Middens and Muck – So You think You Know Nottingham (Parts 1,2 and 3) – Edward Carver: A Journey into Local and Family History – On the Buses – Potions, Lotions and Cure-alls – Murder, Mystery, and […]
Mark Dawson - Contact details for Mark Dawson are – email: mdfoodhistory@gmail.com – website: www.mdfoodhistory.weebly.com Talks include – Food and Drink in Tudor and Stuart Derbyshire – Food and Drink in Tudor and Stuart Nottinghamshire – Oatcakes: farming and diet in North Derbyshire – What’s up with ewe? A thousand years of English sheep’s milk cheese – Eating […]
Stephen Flinders - Contact details for Stephen Flinders are – email: stephenflinders@sky.com – telephone: 0115 854 8373 or 0754 7555 322 Talks include – Terror from the Skies – January 1916 the night the Zeppelins came – Catherine Crompton’s Diary – The Life and Travels of Robert Bruce Napoleon Walker – A Family History Presentation along the lines of ‘Who […]
Mo Cooper - Contact details for Mo Cooper are – email: mocooper@yahoo.co.uk – telephone: 07950472022. – website: https://mocooper@yahoo.co.uk MO COOPER, local community historian offers walks, talks, research and project management services Talks include: Hearing Deaf Voices – the History of the Deaf Community in Nottingham, The Clergyman, the Widow and the Milkman – an exploration of Nottingham’s Edwardian […]
Chris Weir - Contact details for Chris Weir are – email: heritagetalks@outlook.com – telephone: 07922 496682 – website: www.heritagetalks.homestead.com Talks include – Lace, Slums and The Occasional Riot: The Making of Victorian Nottingham – The Story of Boots: Jesse Boot, Florence and the history of the Boots Company – A Woman’s Lot: Women’s History in Nottinghamshire, 1550-1950s – […]
Brian Binns - Contact details for Brian Binns are – email: bnbinns@gmail.com Talks include – The Campion Story: From Stocking Frame to Bicycle Frame – My Entrepreneurial Grandfather, John William Tomlinson – Snippets of Victorian Nottingham as seen through the varied life of the speaker’s ancestor, Levi Lee
Robert Mee - Contact details for Robert Mee are – email: RobertMMee@btinternet.com – telephone: 0115 9327495. Talks include – Nottinghamshire Castles – A Derbyshire Railway Outing: A railway tour using a 1920s timetable. – Aldercar and Langley Mill – 1000 Years in 60 Minutes – Derbyshire Associations for the Prosecution of Felons, 1703-2014: – Policing in 19th-Century Derbyshire […]
Bob Massey - Contact details for Bob Massey are – email: bob.m.massey@gmail.com – telephone: 0115 9263626. – website: www.bobmassey.info/415325374 Talks include: – General – Local History – Local History ( Nottingham) – World War One – Cinema – Theatre – Aircraft – Computers – Local History – Arnold albion@indigogroup.co.uk www.hoap.co.uk Heart of Albion  –  Explore Books  –  Alternative […]
James Wright - Contact details for James Wright are – email: jpwarchaeology@hotmail.co.uk – telephone: 07925 840920. Talks include – Rock of Ages, Medieval Stone Masons – Tattershall Castle – William Shakespeare Henry V and the Manipulation of History – Historic Graffiti – Castles of Nottinghamshire – Ritual Protection Marks at Knowle, Kent
Adrian Gray - Contact details for Adrian Gray are – email: adriangray@pilgrimsandprophets.co.uk – telephone: 07470-366689. Talks include – The Top Ten Scandals from Sherwood Forest – Why did they all come from here?: The Mayflower Pilgrims – Religious Liberty: A Gift to the World from Notts and Lincs – Thomas Helwys: The Price of Freedom – The ‘Black […]
David Mooney - Contact details for Dave Mooney are – email: dave.j.mooney@gmail.com – telephone: 07961077630. Talks include: – Folklore and Custom in the East Midlands – The History of Busking and Street Performance –  Animal Songs All talks involve elements of live music and performance. Folklore and Custom in the East Midlands traces a full year of seasonal […]