Results of Mercian Archaeological Services CIC’s Geophysical Magnetometer Survey at King John’s Palace, Clipstone

Mercian Archaeology is very pleased to announce that the  results of the survey are now available to download from their website and show that there is potentially a lot more below ground than previously thought. King John’s Palace was the royal heart of Sherwood Forest in Medieval times and was visited by all 8 kings from Henry II to Richard II. The geophysical survey maps magnetic anomalies in the soil, and although it cannot be certain without excavation,  it is possible to interpret these features, and some may be humanly made. This survey has given a glimpse at what might be below the surface including many possible buildings, ranges of buildings and courtyard areas. This is very exciting as the layout of the site in any of its phases is not known.

It is hoped that these results can form a significant part of Mercian’s long-term aim of understanding the boundaries and layout of this once large royal hunting palace of the Kings of England in the heart of Sherwood Forest.

Despite what you may have heard or read elsewhere the site is not yet well understood, but the work and research goes on. Archaeology and research can be a slow process but should always be done to the highest standards, and this takes time. It is well worth having a look at what is currently known about the site, as the story is updating all the time. This report also has a new up to date archaeological and historical background for the site and offers the best evidence yet for a boundary bank to the site on the southwestern side.

Further reports will follow over the summer including the 2015 and 2014 excavations. So this is the most exciting year so far for the Palace site and its archaeology.

If anyone wishes to come and be part of the research at Clipstone and King John’s Palace there are still places available on the Sherwood Forest Archaeological Training Fieldschool

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