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BATES, HelenThe Wildman family of Newstead Abbeytalk, ?people
BATES, HelenThe impact of the 1745 Jacobite Uprising on the East Midlandstalk, ?
BATES, HelenThe links between the Nottinghamshire textile industries and the Derwent Valley Millstalk, ?
BATES, HelenNottinghamshire’s Legacies of Slaverytalk, ?
BINNS, BrianMy Entrepreneurial Grandfather: John William Tomlinsontalk, ?people
BINNS, BrianSnippets of Victorian Nottingham as seen through the varied life of the speaker’s ancestor, Levi Lee. talk, ?
BINNS, BrianThe Campion Story: from Stocking Frame to Bicycle Frame talk, ?
COOPER, MoHearing Deaf Voices - the History of the Deaf Community in Nottingham,talk, ZOOM
COOPER, MoThe Clergyman, the Widow and the Milkman - an exploration of Nottingham’s Edwardian landlordstalk, ZOOM
COOPER, MoThe development of Sherwood, talk, ZOOM
COOPER, MoThe good, the bad and the reality, A gallop through the women who have contributed to Nottingham’s’ historytalk, ZOOM
COOPER, MoWhat did you do in the war mum? An exploration of how the women of Nottingham supported the war effort.talk, ZOOM
COOPER, MoHallelujah in the Halls of Hockley talk, ZOOM, walk
COOPER, MoLadies, Lace and Lawbreakers talk, ZOOM, walk
COOPER, MoNuns, Nurses and Notables talk, ZOOM, walk
COOPER, MoPoverty, Prosperity and Politics talk, ZOOM, walk
COOPER, MoSherwood - people and placetalk, ZOOM, walk
COOPER, MoArtists, Academics and Activists talk. ZOOM, walk
COOPER, MoWomens Suffrage in Nottingham, The long, long road to equality talk, ZOOM
DAWSON, MarkHendersons Relishtalk, ZOOMfood
DAWSON, MarkOatcakes: Farming and Diet in North Derbyshire –talk, ZOOMfood
DAWSON, MarkWhat’s up with ewe? A thousand years of English sheep’s milk cheese. talk, ZOOMfood
DAWSON, MarkFood and Drink in Tudor and Stuart Derbyshire –talk, ZOOM
DAWSON, MarkFood and Drink in Tudor and Stuart Nottinghamshire –talk, ZOOM
EDLIN-WHITE, RowenaGrace's Diary 1884-93: A Nottingham schoolteacher befriended by Florence Nightingale, in her own words.talk, not on-line
EDLIN-WHITE, RowenaSpinster of No Occupation: Mary Ellen Shaw 1859-1926, voluntary social worker in 19th c. Sneinton and St Ann's.talk, not on-line
EDLIN-WHITE, RowenaTalks based on her book Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers - the Howitts, the Sherwood Forest Group, Dorothy Whipple and more (can be customised for your area).talk, not on-line
EDLIN-WHITE, RowenaNo Surrender!: Women’s suffrage in Nottinghamshiretalk, not on-line
FLINDERS, StephenTerror from the Skies - January 1916 the night the Zeppelins cametalk, ?military
FLINDERS, StephenOwd Ilsontalk, ?ilkeston
FLINDERS, StephenA Family History Presentation along the lines of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?talk, ?
FLINDERS, StephenCatherine Crompton’s Diarytalk, ?
FLINDERS, StephenThe History Beneath Our Feettalk, ?
FLINDERS, StephenThe Life and Travels of Robert Bruce Napoleon Walkertalk, ?
FLINDERS, StephenThe Old Curiosity Box: A fun team quizquiz, ?
FLINDERS, StephenHallam Fields: A Community Forged from Irontalk, ?
FLINDERS, StephenA Taste of Tudor Ilkestontalk, ?
FLINDERS, StephenStanton at War 1939-1945talk, ?
FLINDERS, StephenStanton on Filmtalk, ?
FLINDERS, StephenStanton: Gone but not Forgottentalk, ?
GRAY, AdrianEast Coast Main Line Disasters.talk, ZOOMrailways
GRAY, AdrianHistorical Highlights from Bassetlaw talk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianHistorical Highlights from Newark & Sherwoodtalk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianLandscape with Water – the Battle between People and the River Trent talk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianRebels and Radicals: the turbulent early Quakers from Notts talk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianReligious Liberty: A Gift to the World from Notts and Lincstalk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianThe ‘Black Prince’ of Scunthorpetalk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianThe Top Ten Scandals from Sherwood Foresttalk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianThe Wrays of Glentworth: Radical Religion in Tudor and Stuart Englandtalk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianThomas Cooper of Gainsborough and Lincoln; Political Radical, Poet, Preacher.talk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianThomas Helwys of Broxtowe: The Price of Freedomtalk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianWhy did they all come from here?: The Mayflower Pilgrimstalk, ZOOM
GRAY, AdrianWorksop, Witches and a Place in American History: the Life of Richard Bernard talk, ZOOM
HAMMOND, EdwardHannibal Barca: Rome’s Greatest Adversarytalk, ZOOMmilitary
HAMMOND, EdwardIn the Service of the Emperor: talk, ZOOMmilitary
HAMMOND, EdwardThe Napoleonic Wars at Home?talk, ZOOMmilitary
HAMMOND, EdwardThe Invasion of the ‘Nation of Shopkeeperstalk, ZOOM
HIGGINBOTTOM, MikeEnglish country houses - Not quite what they seemtalk, ?
HIGGINBOTTOM, MikeVictorian Cemeteries – NottinghamTemples of Sanitationtalk, ?
HIGGINBOTTOM, MikeDream Palaces - an introduction to cinema architecturetalk, ?
HIGGINBOTTOM, MikeAll the World’s a Stage - the development of theatre buildingstalk, ?
IMESON-DA SILVA, Ruth"It is for these haunts of peace that men go into the jaws of hell." This talk focuses on the life, poems and death of Sergeant Will Streetstalk, ?
IMESON-DA SILVA, Ruth"Not unhappy". The life of Gertrude Savile of Rufford tells the tale of scandals in a Georgian familytalk, ?
IMESON-DA SILVA, RuthTired of living to kill- An alternative view of the life of WWI flying ace, Captain Albert Balltalk, ?
KIRKBY, MichaelNottingham and the Invasion of Quiberon 1795 talk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelNottingham and the real life Game of Thrones talk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelNottingham at Waterloo talk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelNottingham versus Napoleon talk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelNottingham versus the Zulu talk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelThe 45th during the Napoleonic War talk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelThe 59th during the Napoleonic War talk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelThe American Civil War.talk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelThe Last Redcoats of Nottinghamshire talk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelThe Napoleonic Wartalk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelThe Redcoats of Nottinghamshire talk, ?military
KIRKBY, Michael The stories of From Redcoat to Khaki: The transformation of the Victorian soldiertalk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelThe War of the Spanish Successiontalk, ?military
KIRKBY, MichaelVictorian Military Campaigns talk, ?military
MASSEY, BobArnot Hill Auxiliary Hospital: the story of Arnolds own Auxiliary Hospital during World War Onetalk, ZOOM military
MASSEY, BobBattledress and Greasepaint : the story ofentertainment and the armed forces during World War Two.talk, ZOOM military
MASSEY, BobDads Dunkirk: the story of an ordinary squady and operation Dynamo, one man and the retreat from Dunkirk in 1940.talk, ZOOM military
MASSEY, BobDieppe: D Day rehearsal ? : the story of the raid on the French coast in August 1942 and the "greatest air battle".talk, ZOOMmilitary
MASSEY, BobHearts of Oak : The stories of Women, who over the centuries, masqueraded as men to join the militarytalk, ZOOMmilitary
MASSEY, BobPer Ardua ad Astra: "Through Adversity to the Stars" the story of the formation of the RAF talk, ZOOMmilitary
MASSEY, BobThe VADS : The invaluable service of the Voluntary Aid Detachments and Auxiliary Hospitals in World War Onetalk, ZOOM military
MASSEY, BobUp and At Em: The story of the Royal Flying Corp from its formation into war (1911-1914)talk, ZOOMmilitary
MASSEY, BobVictory in Europe: Nazi Germany's last week: the story of World War Twos events leading up to and celebrations of VE Day.talk, ZOOMmilitary
MASSEY, BobViolet Jessop: Stewardess, World War One Nurse and survivor of the sinking of the SS Titanic and SS Britannictalk, ZOOMmilitary
MASSEY, BobWings over the Somme: The Royal Flying Corp and the airwar during the battles of the Somme talk, ZOOMmilitary
MASSEY, BobThe Magic Lantern: the story of the earliest form of slide show and entertainment (using a magic lantern.)talk, ZOOMcinema
MASSEY, BobAn English village to Hollywood : The story of Jack Kitchin film editor and producer and the George Formby filmstalk, ZOOM cinema
MASSEY, BobFred and Ginger: the life, times and films clips of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. talk, ZOOMcinema
MASSEY, BobThe Tudor and the Moths: The story of the Tudor Cinema West Bridgford Nottingham.talk, ZOOMcinema
MASSEY, BobVariety at War; on Film: (2 parts ) Film and stories of the Acts from the Second World War who kept up the moraltalk, ZOOM cinema
MASSEY, BobVictorian Optical Toys: our ancestors toys that lead to the development of the movies and Television.talk, ZOOMcinema
MASSEY, BobFrom fee to Free , Education in a small town: the history of the towns early education and schools talk, ZOOMarnold
MASSEY, BobMoria House: The history of this house and the people who lived there.talk, ZOOMarnold
MASSEY, BobPerspective tricks: the story ofHolograms, Stereoscopes , 3D pictures and images. Including demonstrations.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobA Road by any Name: How the development of British roads, through the ages changed societytalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobAirwar in Spain: British Aircraft and the Spanish Civil War the rehearsal for World War Twotalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobAre you sitting comfortably: The story of the beginnings of children's radio and television programmes.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobBread or Beer: How man changed for ever; the history of the start of farming and its connection to beer.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobBritain's rock: A tour of Gibraltars history in words , pictures and movie clips.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobBugle Call: the story of British bandleader Harry Roy and his band from the 1930-60s in story and video.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobCatchphrase?: parts 1 and 2 : the meaning and origin of some well know sayings that we all use every daytalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobDeath in a Barrel: The story of the life and mysterious death of William Smith Tannertalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobDick Turpin: The story of the real man and not just the legendtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobDown to the sea: the story of why the British fell in love with the seaside.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobEaster Traditions: the story of our spring holiday and its traditions and originstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobFascinating Felines: The sometime unusual and fascinating story of the furry pet who shares our homes, the cattalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobFriendly Societies: The story ofhow they changed both our social and political life for ever. talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobGetting about: moving from place to place; History of transport of people and goods through out the years.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobGone but not forgotten: a look at some Lost buildings Parts 1 Nottingham.: Part 2 Arnoldtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobGone in two and half hours: The loss of "the largest ship afloat" the White Star liner Titanic, that hit an icebergtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobGoose Fair on Film: part 1 in the square; or part 2 on the forest The story, Historic film and pictures of Nottingham's owntalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobHerbert Ponting: Pioneer Photographer, Film maker, war correspondent and explorer with Capt Scott in the Antarctictalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobHome Brewery: The story of the Robinsons and the Nottingham Daybrook brewery firmtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobHorsemen and Footpads : the story of Highwaymen and robbers on our roads through out the centuriestalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobHoudini Highwayman: The story of Jack Sheppard Highwayman, robber and jail breaker, an 18th century peoples hero.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobInvention by mistake: well known products or devices that were invented by accident or mistake.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobLady horsemen of the road: the story of female highwaymen and footpads talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobLaw and order: the history of police and policing in Nottinghamshire through out the ages talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobLet there be light: The Illuminating history of lights and lighting throughout the ages. talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobLightoller: The story of Charles Herbert Lightoller, DSC & Bar, RD, RNR the second officer onboard the RMS Titanic talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobLittle miss Sure Shot: the true story of Annie Oakley "the greatest shot in the world"talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobLocal History Nottingham area ( see also separate list for Arnold area )talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobLuke Barton: the unknown Arnold inventor who brought us the modern socks and stockingstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMechanics in the Air: The unknown story of the Air Arm of the British breakdown rescue service, the Automobile Associationtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMongrels of the air war: The story of aircraft, other than the Spitfire and Hurricane, that fought the Battle of Britain.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMurder, Mystery and Mayhem: (parts 1&2 ) 2 different sets of stories of dark events in the Nottingham Villagestalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMuriel and Bert: the story ofJessie Chambers, D H Lawrence’s first girlfriend and their relationship.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobNursery Rhymes: parts 1 and 2 : their strange stories, meanings and originstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobOur ancestors toys: 2 different talks (parts 1&2 ) onChildren's toys and games from the Victorian era, with examples.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobPeople and Places: (part 1&2) on lesser known people from Nottinghamshire who however have shaped our historytalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobPints and Pubs: The long history of beer and beer houses. How our present pubs came about.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobSinging in the Rain: The story of Gene Kelly dancer, actor, singer, director, producer, and choreographer in pictures and film.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobSkeggy: Nottingham On Sea: A sketch of the long history of the seaside town of Skegnesstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobSmall Airforces of the British Empire: How small empire airforces played their vital part in World War Twotalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobSmashing the frames: the story of the times and trials of the Luddites frame breaking protests in Nottinghamshiretalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobSnippets from History: stories and tales, accidents, murder and strange events from the history of north Nottinghamtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobSwashbuckling sirens: the story of female pirates through the agestalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobTalks on Local History of the Arnold areatalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThat's an odd one: unusual and weird aircraft designed by the Allied and Axis forces in World War Two.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe biggest Worsted mill: The story of Hawksley and Davisons huge mill built at the start of the industrial revolutiontalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe caves of Arnold: the caves and tunnels cut into the rock below Arnold Nottinghamtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Charter and the Battle: The chartists in Nottingham and the battle of Mapperley Hillstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe cup that cheers !: The fascinating story and the history of our national drink Teatalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Dragon has Wings: The Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corp Air Unit: the history of a unique airforcetalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe end of the Pier show: The history of the shows, and the theatres, on the British seaside piers talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe end of the war!: the story of the dropping of the atomic bombs and the end of the war with Japan 1945.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Forest; its Highway Robbery!: Robbers and Robbery on a lonely stretch of the road through Sherwood Foresttalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Mary Celeste: The real story of the ship and the famous maritime mysterytalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe real Biggles: The fascinating story of the Biggles creator W E Johnstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Robins: the history of our post office and our postal servicetalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Victorian Holiday: How our ancestors enjoyed their first, new found, leisure timetalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThen They were Gone: Unexplained Mysterious deaths and disappearances of people over the years.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThrough our ancestors eyes: a look at historical events through our ancestors understanding and social conditions at the time,.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobTraditional Christmas: How our British traditions of the Christmas season came abouttalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobTrick or Treat: Halloween: The story of our winter tradition its origin and meanings..talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobTricks of Light and Colour: 4 different talks (parts 1-4 ) on optical illusions that fool the eye and braintalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobTurn again: The real story of Dick Whittington, Lord Mayor of Londontalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobUp the Flue : The strange sooty history of Chimneys and Chimney sweeps through out the ages:talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobW H Higginbottom Architect: The unknown designer of many churches, schools, cinemas and other public buildingstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobWhat is History: a look at what we mean and understand by history and why understanding our past is important today.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobWhat time is it ? the story of the non-existent thing we call time!! and how it has changed society.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobArnold on film: historic film of Arnold through past times and events . talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobArnold in the 15th century: the development of the middle ages agricultural towntalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobArnold in the 17th Century: The era of the Town of home industries and the English civil wartalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobArnold in the 19th Century: The town during the industry and revolutiontalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobArnold in the Middle Ages: the town as it changes during the 12th, to 15th centuriestalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobArnolds painters: The lives of 4 different artists with a local Arnold connection talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobCivil war and Industry: Arnold ,the town and the changes during the 17th centurytalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobCountry Retreat: the houses of the great and good of Arnold during the 17th to 20th century talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobEntertaining Arnold: The history of live entertainment in a small town talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobErnhale to Arnold: The General History of the town and village of Arnold part 1:talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobErnhale to Arnold: The General History of the town and village of Arnold part 2: talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobEstate to Public Park: The history of troubled times of Arnot Hill Park Arnold from open fields to the present park. talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobEven More Inns, Taverns and Pubs of Arnold. The further history of the pubs of Arnold talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobForgotten schools of Arnold: the history of earliest boarding schools opened for the great and good in Arnold talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobFrom Iron age to Iron horse; Arnolds history from earliest times to the industrial revolution talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobGrinding the Grain: History of Arnolds many windmills talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobInns, Taverns and Pubs of Arnold;. The history of the pubs of Arnoldtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMaking Arnold work, the development of a town: The history of changing town and the types of work in Arnold Nottingham talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMore Cinemas of Arnold: The further history of the cinema in a small town talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMore Inns, Taverns and Pubs of Arnold;. The further history of the pubs of Arnoldtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobRoyalty in Arnold: a look at some of the Royal visits to Arnold over the years talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Cinemas of Arnold: The history of the cinemas and film shows over the years in the small towntalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe old Bonington : The history of Arnold largest 1000 seater cinema and theatre talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Wakes of Arnold: history, film and photos of the annual parades and celebrations in Arnold over the centuries. talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobWater water everywhere : the story of the move from wells to piped water in Arnold talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMore Cinemas of Carlton : The cinema comes to the Urban Districttalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Cinemas of Carlton: The cinema comes to the Urban Districttalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobEarliest 20th century British film makers: The story of those British Pioneers who lead the world in early cinema.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobLiving pictures: It Moves!! The earliest films and the start of the Cinema, Part 1 from 1888 -1899 and Part 2 1900-1913talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMusic Hall on film : 2 talks ( part1&2) with original film clips and stories, of showing early Music Hall actstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobSelling on film: A look at the beginning of the cinema and the earliest adverts on filmtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobSilent laughter on the silver screen.: 2 set of stories ( Parts 1&2 ) the first superstars, early comedy actors of the silent cinema.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobFrom Abacus to PCs; the history of how machines developed into our modern computerstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobWhy should I use a computer!!: an introduction to what computers can do for you and why you will soon need one.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobMapperley as it was: Mapperley Nottingham Its past in picturestalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Cinemas of Mapperley: The cinema in a Nottingham suburb talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobCinemas of Netherfield: The cinema comes to the Urban District talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, Bob‘If it Wasn’t for the Houses in Between’ : the career of Gus Elen Music Hall entertainer and 'Coster' comediantalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobTheatre tricks and Illusions: some Stage lighting tricks and theatre effects. ( requires a good Blackout and extra set up time )talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobBeside the seaside beside the sea: the history of the start of todays seaside entertainmenttalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobBilly Merson: the story of Nottinghams own music hall and film startalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobCan you hear me mother: life and times of comedian Sandy Powelltalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobGlenn Miller: Bandleader extraordinaire; his life and mysterious deathtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobLightwork : Exit stage left: stories of 60yrs in the theatre, designing and working in entertainment venues.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobNottinghams Lost Theatres: Theatres from the local Nottingham area that entertained 1000s but are no longer with us.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobOur Gracie: The story of Gracie Fields in film and pictures.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobPainting with light: The art of stage lighting, how its done and how it workstalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Dance Band Era on Film: The story of some Famous British bands of the 20s and 30s, recorded performing on filmtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobThe Sun, Naked Flames and the Theatre:: The history of stage lighting from earliest times to the present day.talk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobWakey Wakey: The story of Billy Cotton, the man, and his bandtalk, ZOOM
MASSEY, BobWhen we meet again: the story of Vera Lynn; singer, film star and forces sweetheart. talk, ZOOM
MEE, Robert1000 Years in 60 Minutestalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertDerbyshire Associations for the Prosecution of Felons, 1703-2014talk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertSouth East Derbyshire before the Norman Conquest –talk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertVic Hallam - One Man and his Companytalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertDerbyshire’s Castlestalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertNottinghamshire Castlestalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertA Potted History of Heanortalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertMine’s a Pint: Public Houses in the Heanor Area. talk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertCrime in Langley Mill 1891 to 1930talk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertWheels of Industry - Langley Mill - History along the Erewash Valley Trailtalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertA Derbyshire Railway Outingtalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertBradshaw’s, and an Early Railway Tourtalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertA History of Smalleytalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertThe Village Lock-uptalk, ZOOM
MEE, RobertEaling Comediestalk, ZOOM
MILLARD, SamA History Mysterytalk, ZOOM
MILLARD, SamThe Rufford Park Poacherstalk, ZOOM
MILLARD, SamA walking tour of Newarkwalk
MOONEY, DaveAnimal Songs talk, ?
MOONEY, DaveFolklore and Custom in the East Midlandstalk, ?
MOONEY, DaveThe History of Busking and Street Performance –talk, ?
MOONEY, DaveThe History of Father Christmas, available December 2021talk, ?
MOSSS, ColinA History of the East Midlands Knitting Industrytalk, ?
STOTT, MartinBromley House Library garden – a hidden Georgian gem in the centre of Nottingham.talk, ZOOM
STOTT, MartinThe humour of Hole – an introduction to one of the great characters of garden history.talk, ZOOM
STOTT, MartinThe storyteller garden – a fresh way of looking at your garden through the history of the plants within ittalk, ZOOM
TEMPLEMAN, DavidLady Arabella Stuart: The queen that never wastalk, ZOOM
TEMPLEMAN, DavidMary Queen of Scots: The captive queen
talk, ZOOM
TEMPLEMAN, DavidMary Queen of Scots: The road to Fotheringaytalk, ZOOM
TEMPLEMAN, DavidSheffield castle and Sheffield Manor Lodgetalk, ZOOM
TEMPLEMAN, DavidSheffield in Tudoe and Stuart timestalk, ZOOM
TEMPLEMAN, DavidStreet names of Central Sheffieldtalk, ZOOM
TEMPLEMAN, DavidTalks on Sheffield history pre 1710talk, ZOOM
TEMPLEMAN, DavidThe Great Sheffield Deer Parktalk, ZOOM
TEMPLEMAN, DavidTwo queens and a countesstalk, ZOOM
Trent & PeakExcavations and fieldwork at Newarktalk, ?
Trent & PeakIntroductions to the practice of archaeology.talk, ?
Trent & PeakLenton Priory and the archaeology of Nottingham Castletalk, ?
Trent & PeakOverviews of Nottinghamshire’s archaeologytalk, ?
Trent & PeakThe Archaeology of the Tramtalk, ?
Trent & PeakWe Dig the Castletalk, ?
WALKER, StephenA London Boy at Mr Robinson’s mills’ ; The workers at a 18th century cotton milltalk, ZOOM
WALKER, StephenA thread in the web of time’ Evidence for the operation of 18th century cotton mills in the Leen Valley of Nottinghamshiretalk, ZOOM
WALKER, StephenThe archaeology project at Moor Pond Woods, Papplewicktalk, ZOOM
WALKER, StephenA century of change in Bulwell, 1780-1880’; The early urbanisation of one of Nottingham’s suburbs.talk, ZOOM
WALKER, StephenThe history and heritage of Gedling Boroughtalk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisA Woman’s Lot: Women’s History in Nottinghamshire, 1550-1950stalk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisMud, Munitions and Memorials: Nottinghamshire and World talk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisRambling Into Historytalk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisSecrets, Mysteries and Curiosities of Nottinghamshiretalk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisThe Nottinghamshire Heritagetalk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisThe People’s War World War 2 in Nottinghamshiretalk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisThe Story of Boots: Jesse Boot, Florence and the history of the Boots Companytalk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisWhen The Bands Played On!talk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisKill or Cure! Bygone Medicinetalk, ZOOM
WEIR, ChrisLace, Slums and The Occasional Riot: The Making of Victorian Nottinghamtalk, ZOOM
WELLS, DannyCatherine Booth, ‘Mother of the Salvation Army’talk, not on-linepeople
WELLS, DannyFlorence Nightingaletalk, not on-linepeople
WELLS, DannyJoseph Paxtontalk, not on-linepeople
WELLS, DannyLord Curzon of Kedleston, The Viceroy of Indiatalk, not on-linepeople
WELLS, DannyOur Marie’ Marie Lloyd and the Music Halltalk, not on-linepeople
WELLS, DannyArt of World War1talk, not on-linemilitary
WELLS, DannyAn Appreciation of the Derbyshire Dales & Staffordshire Moorlandstalk, not on-linecountryside
WELLS, DannyAshbourne - Gateway to Dovedaletalk, not on-linecountryside
WELLS, DannyThe Romance of the Derbyshire Dalestalk, not on-linecountryside
WELLS, Danny‘Cheers’-the history of pubs and drinktalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyCook's Tours' - Thomas Cook and Sontalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyLeek, ‘the Queen of the Moorlands’talk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyLest We Forget- 100 years of Remembrance and commemorationtalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyTalks on Norwegian art and culturetalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyThe Golden Age of Children’s Picture Books & Nursery Rhymes.’talk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyThe Gothic Revival in Staffordshiretalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyThe Great War-shattered illusionstalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyThe Victorian Way of Deathtalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyThe Victorians and the Christmas Seasontalk, not on-line
WELLS, Danny‘Every Picture Tells a Story’-Victorian narrative arttalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyArt of Flowerstalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyArt of the Christmas Cardtalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyArt of the Gardentalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyThe Art of Derbyshiretalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyThe Fascination of Churches-in the Derbyshire Dales and Staffordshire Moorlandstalk, not on-line
WELLS, DannyThe English & Gardeningtalk, not on-line
WRIGHT, JamesMedieval Stonemasonstalk, ZOOMcastles
WRIGHT, JamesArchitecture of Mediaeval Servantstalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesArchitecture of Richard IIItalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesDealing with the Devil: Historic Protection for Hearth & Hometalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesExcavations at Strelley Hall, Nottinghamshiretalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesFireplaces in Late Mediaeval Englandtalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesGreat Houses During the Reign of Henry VItalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesHistoric Graffititalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesMediaeval Building Mythstalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesMediaeval Sculpturetalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesShip Timbers in Historic Pubstalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesWilliam Tattershall Castletalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesCastles of Nottinghamshiretalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, JamesEnglish Mediaeval Castles & Great Housestalk, ZOOM
WRIGHT, SteveThe Rise & Fall of Colwick Locomotive Depottalk, not on-linerailways
WRIGHT, SteveMining Memories talk, not on-linemilitary
WRIGHT, SteveA Tour of Gedling, Carlton and Netherfieldtalk, not on-line
WRIGHT, SteveEuropean tourstalk, not on-line
WRIGHT, SteveLooking at Nottinghamshire Churches talk, not on-line
WRIGHT, SteveGarden talkstalk, not on-line