CBA East Midlands Parish Boundary Project

Be part of a project to define historic boundaries.

A pilot study for this project has already been completed involving Bingham Heritage Trails Association, Bramcote Local History Group and east Bradford Local History Group. It is now ready to be taken up within the region.

The idea of the project is to involve local groups in a regional exercise to map their local parish boundaries and identify features of archaeological and historic interest. The result will be a unique online resource accessible to anyone with an interest in historic landscapes and will serve as an important record. The database will be built up over time and it is hoped that eventually the whole of the East Midlands will be covered.

A Cloud-based database, topographic map and GIS will be available free to anyone who wishes to participate. Training will be available if required.

This project is in line with the Council for British Archaeology’s mission for increasing participation and discovery. Anyone interested in history or archaeology can take part.

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