We Dig the Castle 2018

16 July – 17 August Booking opens 1 March

Digging the Castle since 2015
We Dig the Castle, first held in 2015, is a partnership between Historic England, Trent & Peak Archaeology (based in Beeston) and Nottingham City Council.

We Dig the Castle 2018 runs from 16 July to 17 August and enables people from all backgrounds (ages 14+) to get involved in archaeological investigations uncovering more of the history and archaeology of Nottingham Castle and its surroundings.

We Dig the Castle is doing more
2018 brings a brand new programme. It takes We Dig the Castle trainees not only into the medieval Outer Bailey but also to the castle’s defensive walls and the area below its towering cliff face.

In Brewhouse Yard, We Dig the Castle will carry out the first major archaeological investigation since the 1970s, seeking evidence of buildings depicted in the earliest maps and developing a new understanding of how this area might have looked in the medieval period.

At the gatehouse, investigations will aim to locate the medieval ditch that ran around Nottingham Castle’s walls, while recording the surviving fortifications.

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