Germans in Nottingham during the First World War

The historian Dr Ben Braber is looking for community partners for his research project on Germans in Nottingham during the First World War.

Reviewing Nottingham in a wider UK context, the project looks at issues such as:

  • Migrant numbers and ethnic coherence
  • Participation in the wider society
  • Prisoners of war
  • Anti-German measures and attitudes
  • Riots and disturbances
  • German reactions and support

The community partners will collaborate with Braber during the research stage of this project and the dissemination of its results. These partners, who may receive project funding for this collaboration, can be local history groups already working on the First World War period in Nottingham, and individuals who are researching a family history that included Germans.

Braber is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. He is a specialist on integration of immigrants in western European societies in the modern era, a subject on which he has published extensively, including books and articles such as “Within our Gates – A new perspective on Germans in Glasgow during the First World War” (Journal of Scottish Historical Studies), which had a similar subject as his Nottingham project.

For more information, please contact Ben Braber at 01636 706330

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