In Their Own Write

Would you like to work on a project transcribing and researching letters from 19th century paupers?

We are looking to work with volunteers in the Nottingham area who might be interested in transcribing and researching letters from 19th century paupers and their advocates across the whole of England and Wales. These letters provide an intimate and detailed account of how the recipients of 19th century welfare saw that welfare and how they judged it. They are fascinating accounts written by poor people as they experienced their own and others poverty.

This is the letter from John Burnham, of the parish of Burton Joyce in the Basford Poor Law Union, to the Poor Law Board asking for assistance for his wife’s father Samuel Blatherwick who is 71 years old and infirm. He receives 1s 6d and a quarter loaf each week which, Burnham states, is inadequate for his needs. Burnham is a stocking maker and is unable to help his father in law as he has his own family to support.

We will provide training/workshops in Hucknall (Nottinghamshire) and further advice via email and online. If you are interested in taking part in the project please email Dr Paul Carter at

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  1. Teresa Ryan

    I wonder if anyone has any pictures of the transport cafe that was on Nottingham Road in Nuthall?


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