Newark Book Festival 2016

Newark Book Festival aka ‘Books in the Castle’ is being held during the weekend of 9th/10th July. Aside from the usual stalls the focus this year is on three main genres, Crime/Murder, Children’s and History. 11 Crime authors attending to put on seven talks on the Saturday. Special guests include; Eva Schloss, Anne Franks stepsister who had a unique view of the publication of one of the worlds biggest ever selling books ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ and Eva Clarke, one of only three Jewish babies known to have been born in a Nazi death camp and survived, her story was a focus in the recent bestseller ‘Born Survivors’ by Wendy Holden. Children’s activities include multiple free author events and the local cruise boat will be converted into a pirate ship. Bestselling history authors Stephen Church and Marc Morris coming also.

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