A Nottinghamshire Pitman’s Story by David Coleman

David Coleman’s book commemorates the ending of an industry in this country and with it the closing of a chapter on a way of life. Boys will no longer follow their fathers into the dark, deep, damp dungeon of the pit. This is an authentic mining voice telling stories, poems and anecdotes that are tragic, tender, and funny, all based on a career spent in the pits.

There are many photographs. For those who know nothing about coal mining there will be much of interest to discover. For those who have experienced pit life, there will be a great feeling of nostalgia. David Coleman’s book ensures that the heritage of coal mining will not be forgotten.

The book is tailored for dyslexic readers but is easy to read by anyone.

“A Nottinghamshire Pitman’s Story” ISBN 978-1-911425-65-6 Available at £8.99 from selected bookshops and also web site: www.dayglobooks.co.uk

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