Preserving Nottingham’s History: Susan White and NLHA

Susan White’s original Salmon’s Map of Nottingham is assessed at Sycamore Bookbinding & Paper Restoration, Moorgreen, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire

SALMON’S MAP OF NOTTINGHAM, 1862  is a key historical map of Nottingham.  The date is right in the middle of Nottingham’s expansion into a modern industrial city.  The Inclosure Act of 1845 had released land in the town’s surrounding common fields for development, hosiery and lace were well established and the Corporation had set out to tackle major issues of health and housing. Salmon delineated this changing landscape in remarkable detail and leaves us with an invaluable legacy.

Susan White’s original copy was discovered in a building skip! It is currently being preserved (see photograph) and this will include digitisation to allow greater public access.  Nottinghamshire Local History Association is providing a grant of £300 towards this and is liaising with Susan on digital and access conditions.

Note by Susan White: ‘ My husband Doug White was involved in building projects in various areas of Nottingham.  While working on the Corner House site he discovered a rather tatty old map in a skip and with the site owner’s permission rescued it from disposal. It has remained in our house to this day.  My husband died in 2013 and I would like the map to be restored and used in memory of my husband.’

Progress of work on Salmon’s map will be reported through the NLHA website

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