The Hamburg Connection

For her next book Rowena Edlin-White is researching Nottingham women who went to work in Hamburg in the 1900s. She inherited the letters of her great-aunt Jennie Dexter (1876-1950) who was in Hamburg 1906-1909, and those of her four cousins:  Violetta Forkel, nee Wealthall (1869-1946), her sister Lilian Wealthall (1881-1975), and twins Hilda and Lizzie Noble (b. 1886). All were going back and forth as governesses, the hub being Violetta’s home in the Eppendorf area of Hamburg.

Rowena is also interested in three other Nottingham women connected to this group: Grace Harvey (b. 1895, her family kept a market garden on Blyth Street, Mapperley), Annie Jane Wolfe (1878-1919) whose home address was Edgar Rise in St. Ann’s, and ‘Dot’ (probably Dorothy) Wing, of whom almost nothing is known.

If you know anything about these families, or others who may have been involved, Rowena would really appreciate hearing about them. She’s trying to discover why there was a steady stream of Nottingham women going to Hamburg at this time.

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