Woodborough’s Heritage – Themed Photo Galleries

Woodborough_BannerWoodborough Heritage has launched a new website on 1st July 2014 titled “Woodborough’s Heritage – Themed Photo Galleries”.

The ambition is to place the majority of our collection of 4,000 ‘Woodborough’ photos on to the new site. This site will be built up over a period of time. The first release of albums includes:

• Woodborough during WWI (this in time for the 100th anniversary of WWI commencing)
• Woodborough Hall
• Woodborough Woods Foundation School (class photos, teachers, and school buildings)
• St Swithun’s Graveyard



The new site has an interesting and important feature in that it has the ability for the viewer to provide instant feedback should they have new information about any of the photographs, or wish to correct the captions that are provided.

It is never too late for the general public to provided us with new photos, in fact there is a constant trickle of previously unseen photos that are passed to us and contact can be made to enquiries@woodborough-heritage.org.uk

To view the site go to www.woodborough-heritage.org.uk