Colin Moss

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  • – A History of the East Midlands Knitting Industry

The talk describes the history of the knitting industry from earliest times up to the present day. It shows how the English East Midlands played a pivotal role in that industry and how today’s worldwide knitting industry has its foundations in technology developed in the East Midlands. The talk also includes a section on Nottingham’s lace industry.The talk uses as examples historic buildings in the East Midlands, some of the knitting and lace making machines in use and on show at various museums in the East Midlands together with some very modern machines in use in today’s East Midlands knitting industry. It also describes the related social history of the “stockingers” who were the foundation of the knitting industry up until mid Victorian times.

Colin is a Physicist. He spent nearly 50 years working in industry for major UK defence companies where he specialised in electro-optics. In retirement he has developed a keen interest in the history of the East Midlands textile industry. He joined the Nottingham Industrial Museum (NIM) in 2015 as a volunteer guide. In addition to his work as a guide he has, for several years, given talks to many local groups on various topics centred around the history of textiles. The talks can be adapted to any length from 20 minutes to 1 hr 30 minutes and to suite all ages from 7 upwards. In He is passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) outreach to children. He is equally passionate about the UK’s industrial future as well as its past and is always pleased to hear of the successes of new science graduates as they embark on their new careers. In this latter respect, he has close links with Loughborough University.