James Wright

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All talks are available online and include:

  • Mediaeval Building Myths        ZOOM
  • Medieval Stonemasons           ZOOM
  • William Tattershall Castle      ZOOM
  • Historic Graffiti          ZOOM
  • Dealing with the Devil: Historic Protection for Hearth & Home            ZOOM
  • Castles of Nottinghamshire      ZOOM
  • Mediaeval Sculpture   ZOOM
  • Ship Timbers in Historic Pubs            ZOOM
  • Excavations at Strelley Hall, Nottinghamshire          ZOOM
  • Architecture of Mediaeval Servants      ZOOM
  • Fireplaces in Late Mediaeval England           ZOOM
  • Architecture of Richard III     ZOOM
  • Great Houses During the Reign of Henry VI      ZOOM
  • English Mediaeval Castles & Great Houses       ZOOM

Full portfolio of talks available at: https://triskeleheritage.triskelepublishing.com/lectures