400th Anniversary of the Death of Richard Clyfton

Richard Clyfton, the Separatist minister of Babworth who then led the Scrooby group on their migration to Holland, died 400 years ago this May. This is an anniversary of some significance in Nottinghamshire. The local heritage group Pilgrims & Prophets will be organising a commemorative excursion on May 14th. This will include ‘pick ups’ in Worksop and Retford, and then visits to places associated with Clyfton including the fascinating country churches at Marnham, Babworth and Scrooby. There will be a Congregationalist minister ‘on board’ to maintain 400 years of tradition, as Clyfton effectively founded this denomination.

You can book a place by emailing Adrian Gray (adriangray@pilgrimsandprophets.co.uk) who will provide final details and costs.

More information at www.facebook.com/PilgrimsandProphets or www.pilgrimsandprophets.co.uk

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