103 Foresters: Project Update, People’s Histreh

We have been asked how our 103 Foresters project is progressing and when to await the next pamphlet.

Indeed it was only a matter of time before this long term project would fall behind schedule and we were actually quite chuffed that we stayed on track till August 2015.

In short, the principal researcher working on this project had to take a break from WWI, given that there is only so much you can read about people being blown to shreds before it gets a bit much. That point was finally reached after realising that that person’s principal night-time reading for more than eighteen months had been books with titles such as An Intimate History of Killing (containing e.g. far too much detail on the physical and psychological consequences of bayonet fighting).

Therefore the project was put on hold for a few months and only picked up again at the beginning of 2016. It is hard to say though when the next pamphlet will be published, given that every time we go down to Kew we come back with more questions. The books, articles and sources keep piling up and there are only so many hours in a day. We are however happy to end up way behind schedule but continue to work with the necessary diligence, rather than rushing just to put something online.

Nevertheless we expect to publish at least one more pamphlet in 2016. Keep an eye on this website http://peopleshistreh.wordpress.com/103-foresters
and our Twitter feed and we will let you know as soon as we have some new materials out.

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