Are you aware of the Nottingham Heritage Strategy?

notts_logoAs you might or might not know stakeholders throughout Nottingham launched a Heritage Strategy for the City last year. The heritage strategy documents can be viewed at:

As part of the strategy there is a plan to establish a heritage partnership/forum for the City that will be open to all those groups and individuals who have a stake in heritage within Nottingham. The first step for the partnership/forum will probably be an event towards the end of 2016 giving people the opportunity to hear about progress against the strategy and make some input into its direction and approach.

Nottingham City has appointed a Heritage Strategy Officer – Alice Ullathorne – who is tasked with ‘developing partnerships and delivering actions’ so there may be some opportunity to get support out of the City for local heritage projects; there may be the opportunity to propose projects for inclusion in the Heritage Strategy; there may simply be the opportunity to find out what the City is up to in terms of heritage and take advantage of any developments that occur. At the very least this is an opportunity for local history and heritage groups to engage with the City and contribute towards the creation of a viable, cohesive and long-term strategy for our City.

I have been asked to make informal approaches to heritage groups/people to see what sort of support there would be for a partnership/forum and who would be interested in taking part. If this is something that would be of interest to you please let me know by email at

If you would rather get in touch directly with Alice you will find her at Heritage and Urban Design, Nottingham City Council, Loxley House, Station Street, NOTTINGHAM NG2 3NG – Telephone: 0115 8761993 – Email:

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