Basford and District Local History Society

At an Extraordinary General Meeting in November 2017 it was unanimously decided to wind up the Basford and District Local History Society.

Membership had been diminishing over a number of years and it was found difficult to continue.

The Society was formed in 1984 by Karl Routledge-Wilson, Brenda Summers, Yvette Pollitt and Margaret Gardner. Keith Train agreed to take the position of President, subsequently Reuben Carlisle, Alf Bowley and Bill Russell also filled this post.

Stan Smith was appointed Chairman in 1987 following the resignation of Dennis Cooke and Stan remained Chairman until he passed away in 2016, following which President Bill Russell ran the meetings. Brenda Summers continued in the position of Secretary until her death in 2001 when I took over this post. Yvette Pollitt served as Treasurer for the whole of the Society’s existence.

The Society’s members produced several publications including Basford Probate Inventories 1685-1735; Basford and District from 1821-1851; The Green – a Journey Through Time; The Moores of Old Basford; George Pallant’s Basford and Cinderhill – Bystander Cream and Bystander Bulwell were edited by Stan under his pen-name of Ztan Zmith.

I will continue to publish the Basford Bystander and I hope readers will continue to enjoy it. If anyone has memories they would like to share I would be very pleased to receive them.

With Many thanks to members and friends of the Basford and District Local History Society for their help and encouragement in the past.

Christine Smith.

The Basford Bystander is available from:

  • Bryan Exton Motors, Carey Road, Bulwell
  • Jennison’s Wool Shop, Highbury Vale
  • Bulwell Baptist Church
  • Jay’s Hairdressers, Park Lane
  • Basford Library
  • Southwark Street Newsagents
  • Bailey Street Stores
  • Don and John Barbers, Nottingham Road
  • Londis Stores, Valley Road
  • Bagnall Road Newsagents
  • Perry Road / Hucknall Road Newsagents
  • Horsendale Newsagents, Nuthall
  • Plumbs Ironmongers, James Street, Kimberley

New distributors are always welcome.

5 thoughts on “Basford and District Local History Society

  1. Paul

    Very sad that they wound up. My family name was prevalent in and around Basford throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century. I have a umber of questions about the area, so disappointing.

  2. Roy Cosford

    Hello. I was very sorry to hear of Stans passing, and the winding up of the Basford & District society. I was privileged to meet Stan some years ago, at his home with some information on my Great Grandfather James”Grandee” Cosford who appeared in several of Stans publications about Brinsley. I am a few publications short and would like to purchase these if you can tell me where I might obtain them.
    Best regards
    Roy Cosford

  3. Peter Hunt.

    Hi very interesting my family. Came to Basford around 1900 .my late father worked at mill st mill.
    We left 1967.
    I have a lot of memories.

  4. Marilyn mosley

    I have just purchased my grandmas 1921 census and it says on it that she worked at A.E.Hawley &Co vernon rd , basford Notts a hosiey dyers& finishes wondered if you could tell me anything about the factory thankyou m mosley


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