Vote 100 February 2018

We are commemorating and celebrating Vote ‘l00 in
Nottingham because it is about women and the ongoing
debate about their rights and status in society.

Whilst it is recognised that the Representation of the People
Act in 1918 was only a partial victory, as the vote was only
granted to women over the age of 30. lt was an important
watershed and led eventually to all women gaining the same
rights as men to vote in 1928.

The vote was only won after a long and determined campaign for suffrage and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire women were key to this. New campaigns and feminist demands emerged after the end of WW1 .

These included the right for equal pay, the improvement of working conditions, decent housing and childcare, a list which continues to resonate with women today.

In our programme for Vote 100 we hope we have provide a range of events and activities for you to participate in. There is lots about Women’s History and plenty of opportunities for debate and discussion. We look forward to seeing you.

Nottingham Women’s History Group

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