Caribbean Conversations

Museumand, the National Caribbean Heritage Museum, is bringing exhibitions to life with their new, cultural 8-part TV series, merging museum content with television. Caribbean Conversations explores 8 different aspects of Caribbean Culture. Catherine Ross, the Museum’s Founder-Director, hosts the conversations and is joined by 4 guests from the Caribbean or of Caribbean descent. In each episode, they will be having an informal, candid chat about different aspects of Caribbean culture, so viewers should be prepared to interact with the on-screen fun in true Caribbean style – laugh, cry and burst into song. Viewers will celebrate and commemorate Caribbean culture in a way they simply won’t get to see anywhere else. Museumand is always looking to tell the Caribbean story, and aims to collect the memories and memorabilia from the Caribbean and the UK in any form – clothing, photos, ephemera, books, furniture and the like. During the TV Series, guests were encouraged to bring their items to add to the museum’s collection so as to sum up, and illustrate, the topic of conversation for that episode, as well as retrieve memories, anecdotes and stories. Different ones will be on display and discussed in each episode, and the conversation could go in any number of wonderfully memorable directions, so be prepared for anything. Viewers are invited to contact the museum should they want to tell their story or donate items for discussion. To be a part of the conversation and have your say on each topic, just log on to our website for ‘Caribbean Conversations Take 2’, where we will continue to discuss this topic. Viewers can join us each week, same place, same time – Mondays at 4 PM on Notts TV, Channel 117 for 8 weeks of Caribbean Conversations. Starting on the 22nd May.

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