Edward Hammond – A Budding Young Historian

My name’s Edward, and through my inherent love of history I have started to design a number of talks on a very wide range of topics, with my earliest time frame covering the Second Punic War (216-201BC) and my latest focussing on the Napoleonic Wars!

With my talks so far, I aim to deliver new perspectives on history, introduce people to fascinating new debates whilst conveying my passion and hopefully stimulating others’ interest.

All of my talks all have the goal of providing compelling insights into our past which make up for an enjoyable evening of history!

I am currently studying for a degree in History at Nottingham Trent University and recently completed a historical study for the National Justice Museum.

Current talks (more to come in the future!):

  • Hannibal Barca: Rome’s Greatest Adversary – A PowerPoint presentation telling the story of Hannibal and his epic journey across the Alps to confront the Romans in their homeland. The talk also introduces you to the debates around the history and Hannibal’s decision making. Included with the talk is a series of handouts with in-depth information about the types of soldiers which comprised the Carthaginian and Roman armies. Viewers will also have the opportunity to handle a replica Gladius (with care!)
  • The Napoleonic Wars at Home? – A presentation discussing the extent of the impact of the Napoleonic Wars on domestic life in Nottinghamshire during the early 19th century, with a focus on the Luddites, the Pentrich Revolution, and the debate around economic and political motives at the time.

Home Phone: 0115 9145520

Mobile: 07852957022

Email: edwardhammond@live.co.uk

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