City of Light

A book about Socialism, Chartism and Co-operation – Nottingham 1844

The book was launched to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the founding of the first co-operative society in Nottingham set up on the principles of the Rochdale Pioneers.

During the past year we have celebrated the pioneering work of Co-operators, Chartists and Socialists in and around mid-19th century Nottingham with a series of events, beginning with the book launch in June 2013.
Talks, walks and book sales soon followed, and there are photographs and comments on these in the ‘Events’ pages.
Many of these events have taken place in collaboration with other organisations, and most of them are included in the ‘Contacts’ pages. Some have been nominated to receive donations from the sale of the book during the Special Offer period.

Special Offer! A seasonal class conscious gift – Chris Richardson is launching a ‘Special Offer’ for the Xmas/Solstice/New Year period: the book will sell at the usual price of £7.99 but will be posted to the buyer or someone they nominate free of postage & packing charges (saving £1.50), with a message of their choice (e.g. if it is sent as a present), signed and gift wrapped.

And – £2.50 will be donated to a local society from every book sold: People’s Histreh, Nottingham Women’s History Group, and Notts & Derbyshire Labour History Society have been nominated so far, but you choose which to support. More information from

NLHA_Publishing Fund

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