Everyday Life in East Leake 1830 – 1930

Book 3: Family Life and Schools

Book 4: Health Care, Services and Transport

by Alan Hall

Alan has been living in East Leake for many years and these are his latest publications on the history of the village. The series of five books has a focus on the everyday life of ordinary people around the time of the First World War and after. Book 3 takes you into the houses where ordinary people lived  and describes their way of life in detail. It also details the early schools in the village and shows many early school photos. Book 4 explains how life was without modern drugs, how we managed without mains water, sewerage, gas or electricity, and what it was like without cars or buses. The final book will deal with the First World War and its aftermath – the impact of the war on the lives of those who fought and those who survived. Book 5, the last in the series, will be published at a later date.

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