Free to a good home.

Mill 2This is a model water mill which was donated to Wollaton Historical & Conservation Society for display at the Wollaton Village Dovecote Museum several years ago. This beautiful example of workmanship and technically accurate model was made to a very high standard by a local Wollaton craftsman who used innovative materials for the internal detail, which is all in perspective. It is a fully working model with a water tank and pump, operated by an electric motor. The dimensions are approximately 27” wide, 18” deep and 30” high.

It used to be on display and working but hasn’t been in recent years. Since there was never a water mill in Wollaton the  Historical & Conservation Society feel that it is time to move this creative model to a more appropriate setting where it can be fully appreciated.

“Free to a good home”!

Anyone who is interested should contact

Angela Gilbert
Secretary, Wollaton Historical & Conservation Society
Trustee of Wollaton Village Dovecote Museum
Tel 0115 9283414

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