Secret Beeston

Secret Beeston By Frank E. Earp and Joseph Earp
ISBN 978-1-4456-64880-0
96 Pages
Price £14.99
Published by Amberley Publishing, 15/08/2017

In this well researched and comprehensive review of history, buildings, landmarks, residents and famous visitors Frank and Joseph Earp provide a fascinating insight into life and times in Beeston starting with a review of the origins of the name and ending with a photographic tour round the town. The book is a mixture of a town guide, a historical review and a ‘Did you know’ and, in 13 short and well written sections, covers pretty much all there is to know. It is a book for anyone interested in local or urban history, or the development of 19th century industry or popular culture and entertainment but it is primarily for anyone interested in the area. It is richly illustrated with many historical photographs as well as current examples from the authors own private collection and contains a wealth of information about famous and not-so-famous Beeston people. A particular strength of the book is that it provides a photographic record of the significant buildings of the town; factories, churches, shops and pubs, and places them all within the context of growth and change. It also catalogues the individuals and families, residents and visitors, who enriched the life of the town, many of them recorded on blue plaques. This is an interesting and eminently readable book and a welcome addition to the body of work on the local history of Beeston and Nottingham.

After this there can’t be much about Beeston that is still secret!

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