Volunteer at the Nottingham Industrial Museum

nottingham industrial museum logoDid you take part in the volunteer-led community project exploring the history and restoration of the 1936 Brough Superior motor car which is housed in the Nottingham Industrial Museum? Did you provide memories as part of the Oral Histories Project, to ensure they didn’t get forgotten for future generations?

Volunteer with us and this is the exciting type of project you could get involved in…

For information on how to volunteer please email volunteer@nottinghamindustrialmuseum.co.uk

or go to Facebook

Nottingham Industrial Museum is located in the 17th century stables block of Wollaton Hall, on the western edge of Nottingham. The museum is run entirely by volunteers, and is open Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. The museum contains a unique collection of working steam and diesel engines as well as examples of textile and transport technologies and exhibits reflecting local industries such as mining, railways, bicycles, motorcycles, lace, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and printing.

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